London @Jamie’s Italian Canary Wharf


Like at home. That’s the way I felt sitting at Jamie’s Italian in Canary Wharf, London.  A cosy and friendly state of mind in one of the many restaurants by Jamie Oliver all around the world. But only after few minutes,  I realised it was a special one.

Maybe because of the time spent with me by staff and management, so friendly and attentive, or maybe simply because of the “feel good atmosphere”, but I felt completely relaxed and I had the peace of mind that any single gram of whatever dish would have got out from the kitchen would have been beloved by the Chef.

At Jamie’s Italian in Canary Wharf the staff talks to you about food like my granny would do on Sunday lunch. Slowly, giving you information about dish history, food provenance, characteristics and even nutritious values, we were so glad and impressed to see that much of love and passion for what they do!

I have chosen the Hunter Stew, with game birds and wintery goodies… simply delicious!

“That’s how we do at Jamie Oliver” – they told me. Do you remember the British guy who, from your Tv screen, prepares gourmet dishes in a few minutes picking seasonal vegetables straight from his garden? That’s it! Seasonal and fresh products, a lot of vegetables, tasty and yummy dishes, healthy and balanced as well.

I have also discovered that milk and kids menu are fully organic, and I could only think: Oh my god!

What really impressed me is the pasta! They have a pasta machine in the middle of the floor and the pasta Chef prepares fresh pasta on the spot. You can see how linguine and tagliatelle come alive! You can also peep into the open kitchen and see a full team of Chefs tossing pasta and chargrilling steaks! At the Antipasti counter, aged S. Daniele ham, pecorino served with chilli jam and other endless delicatessen. Gluten free and vegan options available too- happy days!

Canary Wharf is all around. Steel, glass and water. Great skyscrapers which image reflects on old docks canals. Warehouses are giving space to Credit Suisse, Barclays and Morgan Stanley headquarters. Reuters and Daily Mirror futuristic buildings are the cherry on the cake of this almost unreal scenario.

Just 2 tube stops away, the O2 Arena. A white meringue on the Thames which hosts artists like Rolling Stones, Adele, Lady Gaga. And Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Madonna. And yet Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rihanna and Bryan Adams…. the pumping heart of the world music scene is here!

Canary Wharf underground station, Jubilee Line, looks like a Cathedral in miniature. All around shopping centres, hanging gardens, food trucks, events. Just touched Winter Lights, with its thirty installations all across Canary Wharf.  Art and light by designers and artists to enjoy after the sunset.

At Jamie’s Italian, through the windows surrounding the building, like in an American diner among skyscrapers, you may stare to a never-ending flow of people who live, work, move. A tangible energy which flows through the air. They also have a really lovely terrace! From there you can enjoy the sunset, which is special in Canary Wharf. Perhaps with a bruschetta and a prosecco.

..Like at home.


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